Tomato Cream

Tomato Cream

Tomatoes are widely known for being a great source of  vitamins. A single tomato can supply 40% of the daily reccomended minimum of Vitamin C, as well as  Vitamin A, Vitamin K  wich are great  altogether to keep your skin glowing , support your heart  and  maintaining a healthy blood pressure amongst other benefits.


• 6 red tomatoes

• 2 glasses with yogurt tomates de tomates rojos

• 2 light natural yogurt glasses or 4 spoons of cream cheese

• 1 onion

• 1 garlic head

• Salt and pepper to the taste

• Basil to the taste (dry or fresh)


• Peal & chop the onion and the tomato

• In a deep pan place the onion with broth and let it simmer

• Peal garlic and chop it in long slices


• Add garlic and tomatoes to the pan


• Add 2 glasses of water to the pan and a pinch of salt, pepper and basil to the taste


• Let it simmer for 10-25 minutes


• Place the mix in a blender and add yogurt and cream cheese


• Blend until getting a uniform cream


• Serve and add basil to the cream for decoration

Pro Tip:

Put tiny bits o feta cheese as a topping and serve! 

You will love the gourmet flavour this adds!

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