Aloe vera & Grapefruit

Aloe vera & Grapefruit

Aloe vera and grapefruit are very beneficial for the organism, and together they make a wonderful combination. The Aloe is one of the plants with the most curative properties. Grapefruit also is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. This juice before breakfast is amazing to detoxify the organism. 

Aloe vera is a natural purifier for the organism, helping to eliminate toxins and residues from the body. According to studies made in 2012, Aloe helps to eliminate adipose tissue and the quicker metabolization of fatty acids. It helps the intestinal stimulation and digesting aliments to get a better digestive equilibrium. 


✔1 Aloe Vera Leaf

✔ 1 Grapefruit

✔  Half Liter Of Water 


- Carefully Peal The Aloe Vera Leaf

- Remove The Yellow Coat Below The Crust

- Remove The Transparent Gel And Place It Inside The Blender And Add The Half Liter Of Water And The Grapefruit Juice

- Drink It Before Breakfast


Pro Tip:

Put tiny bits o feta cheese as a topping and serve! 

You will love the gourmet flavour this adds!

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